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JOURNALISM (Print & Digital)

As part of our communication and promotion strategy, we produce and publish a monthly newspaper that houses 100% STEM content. The newspaper is unique in that it publishes 100% STEM content in understandable English and the articles complemented on the website in various indigenous African languages. It houses articles on issues like health, education, climate change and global warming, African science history and culture, innovations, global news, various opportunities & competitions, and profiles of individuals who are change-markers in STEM and Innovation.


Content Production, Translation & Engagement

For content production, we use our resources to produce new content for our clients through internal participatory research. For our translation services, we excellently translate our clients’ original text from complex ‘Science language’ with technical jargon to simple and understandable English without the jargon while maintaining the scientific accuracy and context of the original source text.

Upon request, we further translate to African Indigenous languages in the form of isiXhosa, isiZulu, Setswana, and Sepedi. This ensures that the produced content is understood by a large number of stakeholders/audience (general public, funders, fellow Scientists, policy makers, other professionals, etc.) of different ages. Through this service, the content produced and translated is given to the client for use at their own discretion.

When a barrier exists between our client and their audience, we step in and execute our stakeholder engagement service. We interact, liaise with and/or present understandable and ‘community-friendly’ content to our clients' target audience through various presentation methods and media and successfully fulfill our duties as mandated. Such engagement activities include but are not limited to project descriptions to communities, community (engagement) meetings, presentations to non-scientist funders, school visits for career guidance and motivation, and multi-sectoral workshop facilitation.


We nurture and guide young minds towards better academic engagements and improved academic performance for the betterment of their future. We execute this through learner and educator development activities such as (1) Workshops, (2) Complementary lessons, (3) Science and Leadership training camps, and (4) After-school Science Clubs.


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Sci4Ubuntu - is encouraged by the mission and vision of its aims and objectives. The word is an acronym for Science for Ubuntu which encompasses what we hope to achieve. ‘Sci’ is an abbreviation for the word Science and the number 4 standing in for the word ‘for”...read more >>