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    1. This privacy policy should be read in consort with the Terms and Conditions of this Website. This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure the personal information we receive from user(s) of this website. The Company is committed to provide you with relevant and tailored-made news for your convenience usage and identified personal needs and further recognises the high importance of your privacy when using this website for permitted purposes.

    1. The Company will take reasonable steps within its reach and capabilities to prevent unauthorised to your personal information and its disclosure thereof. Even with the commitment, the Company does not guarantee that your personal information shall be 100% secure.

    1. By continuing to access and using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. You agree that the Company may collect, store, collate and process your personal information for legally permitted uses. If you do not agree with any and/or all terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, please discontinue the usage of this website.

Collection of personal information

    1. The company may collect some personal information when you register for some and/or all services on this website. Such services include but are not limited to competitions, surveys and online forms submissions. By submitting your personal information for the aforesaid purposes, the user shall not be anonymous to the Company.

    1. Some links and sources, competitions, promotions and surveys may be sponsored by third-parties. By using this website, you acknowledge that this has been explained to you and you agree that some or all of your personal information may be shared with such third parties. You further acknowledge that the Company has no control of the privacy policies of such third parties and that these said parties may, without consulting the Company, collect your personal information in accordance with their own privacy policies.

    1. The Company may use cookie technology. Cookie technology consists of trace elements of data that is stored on the user’s computer(s) and/or other devices’ - used to access this website – hard drive and which contains personal information (may be personal) about the user to recognise the user’s prior visit for efficient and convenience usage of this website and its contents.

Policies for individuals under the age of thirteen (13) years

  1. The Company encourages parents, teachers and/or legal guardians to spend time with and supervise their children and to participate with the when using this website. No personal information should be submitted to and/or on this website by children under the age of thirteen (13) years without the supervision or consent of their parent, legal guardian and/or teacher.


Any questions and concerns relating to the Privacy Policy of this website should be directed to us via this email address *include email*.


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