Keith Nare | 08 November 2017

The greatest journey you started 12 years ago has now come to the days of completion and I am sure you are ready to give it your all. Greetings to the Matric class of 2017 and my utmost gratitude to the educators across the country for investing time to prepare the future generation of leaders for our country and continent at large.

My name is Keith Nare, let me take you back to my humble beginnings of a small boy who grew up in a very small town. My primary school was filled with so much stories of dreams of one day becoming a doctor but as always, things do not always go as planned. 20 years later I find myself at the South African National Roads Agency as a Research Associate and studying towards my PhD. Moral of the short story; never stop dreaming and in all that you do, give it your all. Every journey has sign posts, the road itself, ups and downs but I urge you as well to persevere and never quit dreaming.

I am actively involved in research activities that help us understand how our roads can be constructed in a sustainable way. Roads are the backbone of the economy and used for transporting freight and people just to mention but a few. Turning my dreams into reality is always a work in progress and for the better part of the work it has involved getting mentors, giving back to the community through tutoring and above all dedication to the little things that make the big things seem so easy. Life always presents us challenges in all their facets but I encourage you to be disciplined, committed to your work and always desire to be the best person you can be.

If you are the student that dreams of being anything they put their mind to and yes surely through everything I have mentioned above you will become. You have to want it to be it and to be it you have to want it. It does not matter where you come from and given the drive and passion, your birthplace does not determine your future. So yes! I encourage you to go beyond the frontiers of what life seems to present now and work towards being the person you are destined to be. All the very best and SEIZE THE MOMENT.