Iuu! Iuu! Kgolodi Weeh! - Kgolodi learners strike gold at the Eskom Expo regionals

Iuu! Iuu! Kgolodi Weeh! - Kgolodi learners strike gold at the Eskom Expo regionals

Maboni Mmatli | 28 August 2019

If you dig deep enough into the reserves of your creativity guided by passion and the eagerness to solve societal-problems, you might hit gold. Learners from Kgolodi Commercial High School in the rural village of Tipeng in the Waterberg district of Limpopo came to this realization when they participated and succeeded in the regional leg of the Eskom Young Expo for Young Scientists hosted at the Mokopane Multipurpose Centre on August 07th 2019. The group of seven travelled more than forty kilometers accompanied by their teacher (Miss Mmatli) and presented their projects to the panel on the day.

One of the participants, Makwena Tsiri – a 14 year old grade 8 learner mentions that her project concentrated on improving food security by maximizing plant growth and yields while also protecting crops from insect. “I am doing this to make people in my village to grow plants well so they can have something to eat”, said the 14 year old. She further mentioned that she would like to pursue a career in Agriculture so she can help communities like her own. The challenge is that there is very little to no access to information about careers and other opportunities. Adding to the participants’ voice was Mmatlala Moabelo and Khomotso Lebogo – who are both in grade 8 and also participated in the agricultural category of the competition. According to Mmatlala, the reason for their participation is to improve self-confidence and further get used to taking part in competitions whilst also trying to find solutions to challenges faced by a lot of families in Tipeng. “We decided to name of project ‘improved fast ‘n effective manure’ because with it, we want to fertilize the soil and make it easy to plant. We decided to make this project because many people in our community were complaining about their plant growth. They say they water their plants everyday but nothing happens. So we decided to create manure that is good on both the plant and the soil”, Mmatlala concludes.

Tipeng is a rural village that is characterized by unemployment, poverty, lack of youth participation and other devastating conditions. However this does not stop young ones like this crop of learners from doing their utmost best to improve the conditions in their families, better themselves, and on a larger scale, contribute to the development and improvement of their communities. They collectively thanked their parents for the moral support received and their teacher – Miss Mmatli – for assisting them with application and participation into the expo.