Beyond purification for consumption with WF-MGF

Beyond purification for consumption with WF-MGF

Maboni Mmatli

The month of December has seen us having large amounts of rain. With our rivers and streams flowing with water and water collection containers filled to capacity. However, water that comes directly from the rain into our containers are infested with airborne particles and impurities that may pose health dangers. To turn the water to a safe and consumable standard, we have to treat it. In a rural setting, the gravity driven filter is an efficient and sustainable device. Given that water scarcity is not limited to household, the filter has the potential of improving health care provision and the promotion of safe environments in public institutions like hospital and school that are located in rural areas and remote areas with less or no water supplies.

Moreover, the filter can participate in the economic advancement of any rural dweller who purchases it. The technology opens a window of opportunity for entrepreneurs to become safe and consumable water vendors for their community at a reasonable and affordable price. Not only would one be helping improve the livelihood of community members but also making profit from doing so. What would make the business endeavour more successful and cheap is the device’s mechanism of operation. The device is gravity operated and as such, no electricity costs will be incurred and the cleaning procedure does not require regular replacements of components, no hard labour nor expensive chemicals. A simple brushing does the trick.

The provision of clean, safe and drinkable water is a fight that extends to every corner of society and requires all societal members to join in the fight and provide a habitable environment for all to live prosperously.